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Watch our impact grow, meeting by meeting!

100 Women Who Care Guelph is a group of women in Guelph who care deeply about our community and are passionate about contributing to its health and vitality. Each quarter, we meet for one hour and make a $100 donation to a local charity voted on by the members.

Congratulations to January’s Chosen Charity

 Food4Kids Guelph

100 Women Who Care Guelph

Announces its First “Virtual” Meeting


When we cancelled our April meeting, the steering committee explained to members that, above all things, the health and well-being of our members is a natural extension of our compassion and commitment to our community. 

We have received notification that the Delta Hotel will be closed for the summer months.  Current advice being provided by local and provincial health officials continues to encourage social distancing initiatives, along with restrictions on mass gatherings.

Faced with these challenges, we have decided to replace our “in person” July meeting with a “virtual” nomination and selection process. This initiative will allow members to vote on qualifying charities from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

 For more information regarding our July meeting, follow this link.

1 hour + $100 x 100 women = $10,000! x 4 = $40,000 per year invested in Guelph! Now there’s a winning formula! Just think of the difference it could make to our many deserving local charities. It couldn’t be more simple, more fun, or have a more powerful effect, and you can be a part of it.

By combining our resources, we can build a bridge between those in need and the charities able to help. Together we can make a huge impact. Be a part of something special, and make a real and lasting difference in our community. Click here to join this exciting endeavour!

100 Women Who Care Guelph is for you if:


photo courtesy of Kim Lawrence

    • you want to contribute to worthy causes in your community but aren’t sure how to fit volunteering into your schedule
    • you can commit to one hour every three months
    • you want 100% of your money to go directly to a local charity
  • you want your $100 donation to be part of a large amount that can create powerful change in your community