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photo courtesy of Kim Lawrence

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100 Women Who Care Guelph holds meetings every October, January, April and July. 

100WWCG has committed to giving back to the Guelph community over the past 7 years. This commitment has made it possible for 100WWCG to donate more than $10,000 per quarter to eligible local charities. Congratulations to our membership for achieving this incredible success!

100 Women Who Care Guelph is looking towards the future. 

We have had some questions from members regarding how and when 100WWCG can return to ‘in person’ meetings. That said, we’d like to transition from virtual to in person meetings in a way that honours all our member’s needs. We recently conducted a brief survey of the membership to try to gauge everyone’s comfort level.

The past two years have taught us that our group is strong, innovative and flexible and will rise to the challenge of finding the best and safest way for our members to “connect” as we move forward. By the end of April, we hope to provide you with  information which details exciting changes to our meeting format. Stay tuned for more information…