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A major announcement about next year’s meeting details…

We will once again be holding our meetings at the Delta Hotel (corner of Stone Road and Gordon Street). The Delta has graciously agreed to reduce its rates to accommodate our group and  Sandra Lastovic and  skipthebank.ca will generously be sponsoring the setup costs for our meetings.


100 Women Who Care Guelph Announces Its First “Virtual” Meeting!

When we cancelled our April meeting, the steering committee explained to members that, above all things, the health and well-being of our members is a natural extension of our compassion and commitment to our community. 

We have received notification that the Delta Hotel will be closed for the summer months.  Current advice being provided by local and provincial health officials continues to encourage social distancing initiatives, along with restrictions on mass gatherings.

Faced with these challenges, we have decided to replace our “in person” July meeting with a “virtual” nomination and selection process. This initiative will allow members to vote on qualifying charities from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

How Will This  “Meeting” Work?

1. Timeline:

•   All new nominations must be received by Monday June 22nd, to allow for vetting and approval.   Visit us online for easy-to-follow instructions on how to submit your charity for consideration.  Nominees must be prepared to provide a written appeal on behalf of their charity (about 250 words would be great).  To assist them in preparing these presentations, the steering committee will provide a list of frequently asked questions posed by our members at previous meetings.

•  On June 30th, we will send along a link to a video where we draw the names of the three charities nominated to present to our group.

•   On July 7th, you will receive an email containing a link to our three member presentations, along with instructions on how to cast your vote.

•   July 12th (midnight) is the deadline for casting your vote.

•   On July 13th, an email will be sent to the membership announcing the chosen organization and instructions for payments.

•   On August 1st we take the gathered cheques to the charity, (Please try to have your cheques and donations arrive before this day.)

2. Voting Procedure:

We will be giving members three ways  to vote for the organization of their choice.  Please choose one of the following options:

•   Complete an online survey (a link will be provided).

•   Send an email to info@100womenwhocareguelph.com

•   Call our designated 100WWCG contact person ( a phone number will be provided).

3.  Making Your Donation:

We realize that these are uncertain financial times for many and completely understand if you decide to temporarily withhold your donations for the time being.

To that end, we will be suspending our membership policy with regards to fulfilling your commitment to donate at each meeting, for the rest of 2020.

We will not be sending follow-up emails for collections and on August 1st, we will be taking the gathered cheques to the charity, so please make every effort to have your cheques and donations arrive before this day.