100 Women Who Care Guelph and 100+ Men Who Give A Damn Special Event

Combined Quarterly Meeting 

Celebrating the Past While Committing to the Future

100 Women Who Care Guelph https://100womenwhocareguelph.com and 100+ Men Who Give A Damn https://www.100menguelph.com are holding a special event on June 6th, 2023, from 7:00 – 8:00 pm at Cutten Fields. For the first time ever the two fundraising organizations are joining forces to address the ongoing needs our local charities face.

By combining the two groups, members will have the opportunity to choose one local charity to receive a potential $30,000 donation.

Since the women formed their group in 2014, followed by the men in 2018, these two grassroots organizations together have donated over $675,000 to our community, with 55 Guelph charities having benefited over the past nine years. 

“This is an opportunity to showcase the incredible contribution these two organizations have made to Guelph charities since inception, while at the same time recognizing the need to continue that work, and to demonstrate the fun and fellowship our quarterly meetings offer to our members.” Tannis Sprott, 100WWCG Founding Member

“Conceived of as a way to allow busy Guelph citizens to directly contribute to local charities in a fun and time efficient manner, the “100 Who Care” movement requires only four hours and four $100 tax deductible donations from its members annually. This event is a fun way to engage more caring Guelph citizens. Please consider joining us to amplify the great work our local charities are doing.” Sharon Lewis, 100WWCG Founding Member

“The breadth and scope of our local charities here in Guelph and Wellington County reach into many corners of our wonderful community helping and providing a bedrock of support to our friends, colleagues and neighbours.  We are grateful for their dedication and happy to be part of the cycle of care.  We hope our collective $100 cheques help move the needle for those that need it.”   Mike Brookbank, 100+ Men Who Give a Damn Founding Member  

After a brief introduction from Mayor Cam Guthrie, who is also a 100+MWGAD member, the evening will consist of presentations from four charities as they introduce their cause and the financial needs they must manage in order to fulfill their mandates. Then a member vote will determine which of the charities will take home the combined donation.

This event is open to all members, their guests, and the local press.

For more information on how to become a member and join in this fun and rewarding evening, email: [email protected] or [email protected].