How do I make my donation if I cannot attend a meeting?

If you cannot attend a meeting, you have three options:

1) You can click on the “Make Your Meeting Donation Now” button on our homepage, or follow the link provided in the meeting summary email.

  • You will be directed to our 100WWCG Fundraising Page with our online donation partner Canada Helps.
  • Select the correct charity from the four listed.
  • Make a $104 donation (the extra $4 covers processing fees so the charity receives the full benefit of your $100 donation) and fill out the required information.
  • You will instantly receive a tax receipt from Canada Helps. (Note: Please use the link to our Canada Helps fundraising page when making your donation. That ensures the funds go to the specific project being funded by 100WWCG); or

2) You can send in a blank, signed cheque with a trusted friend to the meeting. Your friend will write in the name of the charity that is chosen on the cheque and give it to the organizers on your behalf; or

3) You can send your donation cheque to the steering committee member who tracks our pledged dollars and delivers them to the chosen charity. 

  • After the meeting, the membership will receive an email announcing the chosen charity, with instructions for making out your cheque and the address of the steering committee member. (Note: Never send a blank, signed cheque in the mail.) 
  • Please send your outstanding cheques to us promptly, to guarantee that we can make the group’s donation in a timely fashion.

Can I just send the donation to the charity myself, or go through the charity’s online donation system?

No! Please send your cheque to us or use the link to our Canada Helps fundraising page to make your donation.

  • It ensures your donation goes to the particular program we are supporting.
  • It allows us to track your donations so that you get credit for the donation and remain eligible for submitting charities and voting at meetings.

The goal of 100WWCG is to make a large donation on behalf of the whole group. We want to be able to support this endeavour and give $10,000+ dollars at a time to make a large impact in our community with each member’s donation being part of the larger donation. This is the power of joining forces!

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! Only registered charities will be sponsored by the group. Cheques are made out to the charitable organization and NOT to 100WWCG. Tax receipts for cheques will be issued directly by the charitable organization and mailed by the end of February each year. Donations made through our online partner Canada Helps will receive tax receipts immediately.

Does any of my donation go to administration costs of the chosen charity?

After an informative presentation and considerable discussion, the membership voted overwhelmingly (83%) to remove the restriction on operational funding for chosen charities.  Prior to their presentation, members who choose to nominate a charity are encouraged to speak to its executive director about the organization’s administrative cost ratio and include that information in their discussion of the charity.