A Thank You From the North End Harvest Market

Thank you 100 Women Who Care Guelph for your wonderful donation. Because of your generosity, we have been able to stabilize the market for six months, feeding 200 to 250 people a week.

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Your donation also symbolizes the care and compassion of your organization to not only feed these families, but to share in the compassion, openness and dignity these families deserve without prejudice. Your donation provided $500 a week for produce.

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In the last six months we have spent a total of $16,209.01 on food, registered an average of 173 people per week, distributing $623 in food per week which averages out to $3.30 per person per week.

Barb McPhee, manager of the North End Harvest Market and Harvey, the Market's mascot.

Barb McPhee, manager of the North End Harvest Market and Harvey, the Market’s mascot.

The following testimonials are from some of our Market users.

“I am a senior living on ODSP and being able to get at least a few fruits and vegetables makes me happy – I can then use my money for other nutritious items like bread and milk. My health is improving slowly, but my sense of dignity is improving faster because of the North End Harvest Market.”

“I am so thankful to the Gang at the North End Harvest Market for not only giving us fresh fruits and vegetables, but they make sure that they provide them to us with dignity, discretion and a whole lot of fun.”

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Canada Day at the Market




“My kids just love coming to the North End Harvest Market. They ask every week if they can come – they have so much fun and get treats and get to join in the entertainment.”




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“Thank You North End Harvest Market for giving my family a chance to get out and have some fun, my kids love the entertainment – if only for an hour, it makes our day.”





“My kids are actually starting to take an interest in vegetables as they get to pick them out themselves and the great volunteers talk to them about how good they are for them and how they can help mom cook them.”



“I suffer from a terminal illness that affects mainly my lung function, but there is nothing more soothing and therapeutic for me than to come and sing at the Market and watching the children dance.  Thanks to the Market for giving me this.”