April 2024 Meeting

It was a packed house! (photo courtesy of Crista Renner)

Meeting Kick Off and Updates

The meeting began with a thank you to the sponsorship and generosity of Delta Hotels and Sandra Lastovic from Skip the Bank for covering the costs of the meeting room. This allows us to come together as a group, which is such an important part of 100WWCG.
Joining us for the meeting were 6 new members (WOW!) and some women considering involvement.   We had 24 members receiving their 3 year pin and 26 members receiving their 5 year pin (Congratulations ladies!  We’ve included a picture of some of the recipients in attendance below).  To date we have 179 members and 173 pledged nominations and total funds donated have reached $477,516.  The goal of 100WWCG is $500,000 so we are thisclose!

Pin recipients in attendance (photo courtesy of Crista Renner)

The Three Nominated Charities

Here is a quick overview of the charities that were nominated for the meeting and the presentations:
Guelph Chamber Choir – Nominated by Megan Hodge & Presented by Sya VanGeest
Sya began by reminding us that music and harmony can draw us together. The Guelph Chamber Choir seeks to do this through two main streams – through their programming and performances and through their community outreach program, Sing Out.
Sya explained that the donated funds would be used to support a concert within the Sing Out outreach program called “Can Your Hear Me”.  This concert would feature the work of diverse and marginalized composers, and funds would go towards covering the costs of three key components: Clinic workshops between the composers and the performers, purchasing the rights to perform the musical scores already planned (which also benefits the composers), and commissioning two additional original works for the concert.
Guelph Wish Fund for Children – Nominated by Margo Conlon & Presented by Jessica Hill
Started in 1984, the mandate of Guelph Wish Fund for Children is to fulfill wishes and provide support to children under the age of 19, residing in Guelph or Wellington County, who are living with a significant illness, life-altering injury or a rare and debilitating syndrome.
Jessica outlined that each child accepted into the program receives $10,000 and that the funds are used for a variety of needs (each vetted and approved by the Executive Director): travel, a wish or experience, purchasing medical equipment, and lost income to name a few.  Jessica shared the stories of children currently in the program and her own heartbreaking experience of losing her 14 year old daughter.  The donation funds from 100WWCG would be used to support the children and their families and 100% of the money would be used here.
Guelph Community Health Centre- Nominated & Presented by Barb Tremblay (she was joined by Jean Hopkins for Q&A)
Barb began her presentation with the staggering statistics of drug poisoning in our community.  In addition to their grief, she shared the impact of stigma and judgement families and loved ones left behind face.
A project to build a memorial called Pathways to Remembering was initiated.  The purpose of this memorial is to provide a peaceful place to remember loved ones that offers dignity and respect.  It is also a reminder to the community that we all know either an individual or their loved ones who have been touched by this tragedy.  The memorial has been designed and will cost $50,000.  A total of $16,000 has been raised to date. It is the hope that the memorial will be completed by August in time for Drug Poisoning Awareness Day.  Donated funds from 100WWCG would go towards funding the rest of the memorial costs.

Our Chosen Charity

Guelph Wish Fund for Children

If you haven’t sent in your $100 donation yet, please do so by April 23rd.  Remember there are two ways to make your donation:

1) Online at our 100WWCG Fundraising Page (please add $4 for processing fee)


2) Send a cheque to Liz Brant (made out to Guelph Wish Fund for Children) at 10 Wood Duck Court Guelph ON N1C 1B1

(Photo Courtesy of Freepik)

Thank you from Master Gardeners of Ontario (our January charity)

Danielle Gignac joined us to provide an update on the progress of the Master Gardeners, which was chosen by our members at the January meeting.

Our donation was used to create a program for Grade 3 students which educates them about the opportunities of growing food gardens with their families.  The program encourages kids to learn life skills which will be beneficial in the long term and funds were used to build kits for approximately 20 classrooms, including educational information for starting and maintaining vegetable gardens – along with a raised planter, full spectrum grow lights, soil, trays, seeds, and necessary tools. Danielle shared that this program will now be ready to launch on April 15th!  You can read Danielle’s full comments here.

(photo courtesy of Crista Renner)

Thank you for your continued generosity, involvement and passion!
The 100WWCG Team

Sharon, Tannis, Lisa, Peggy, Dianne and Denise