How do Guelph charities get considered for 100WWCG support?

Simple!  Get women to sign up to be members of 100WWCG!   Each member of 100WWCG is eligible to nominate one local charity of their choosing.  

Helpful tip:  A charity CAN be nominated by multiple members. This increases its chances of being drawn for consideration. There must always be three different charities for our members to consider, but multiple nominations for one charity DO increase the odds that a charity will be drawn from the hat.

We know from other jurisdictions that there is a benefit to all three charities considered at each meeting because of the exposure each one gains from this opportunity. These charities may expect to gain some volunteers and/or donations from people who simply did not know about them before! Remember, many of our members are joining so that they can learn more about our local charities. This is a great way to do it!