Guelph Black Heritage Society Says “Thank You!” For Our October 2020 Donation

Kween and Denise from Black Heritage Society were happy to receive 100WWCG’s October donation

Guelph Black Heritage Society is so thankful for the opportunities that 100 Women provided us.

This has made a huge impact on our nonprofit during such a watershed moment in history.

The funding has enabled us to purchase resources for the Flora Francis Library of Black Literature. Education is key for our organization and this allows education to be brought to our safe haven. This Library will be housed in the lower level of the Heritage Hall. The space will be full of resources materials and works of Black authors and books significant to the Black community and our allies.

Additionally, we were able to contract Uli Walle from Old World Woodworking to construct the new doors and transom window. This work is very precise and highly priced due to the Heritage it must upkeep. The work has started and they are expected to be installed in the spring (Covid premitting).

Thank you so much

Kween, Executive Director, Guelph Black Heritage Society