Guelph Public Library is the Recipient of Our Meeting Fourteen Donation

Our Second Meeting of Year Four

Three inspiring presentations yield one successful charity!

If you missed the meeting, we’re happy to provide a recap…
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Our fourteenth meeting of 100 Women Who Care Guelph once again reaffirmed the commitment of our 136 members to supporting local community organizations!  In spite of inclement weather, members turned out for an opportunity to listen to inspiring speakers making enthusiastic presentations for their chosen charities.

We started off the evening with our new pre-meeting networking event sponsored by Irene Szabo of Sotheby’s Realty and Sandra Lastovic of The Mortgage Centre, valued members of 100WWCG.

Following this valuable get-together, Sharon delivered brief remarks and informed those present that our donation total is now $157,225.  She also took this opportunity to remind members that if they have missed making a quarterly donation there is always an opportunity to make it online through our website.

We listened to presentations from three articulate and  enthusiastic nominators:
  1. Lisa Hood presented on behalf of Guelph Public Library, Ontario’s oldest free public library, with a membership of more than 59,000 people.   At least 39,000 are enrolled in programs at the library annually, with at  least 25,000 hours of learning logged, making GPL a leader among library participation within Ontario, for the past 7 years.  The library’s ongoing mission is expansion of collections and programming, including new technology and equipment.
  2. Tara Kanerva presented on behalf of Beginnings Family Services, a charity which provides pregnancy counseling and adoption services to clients of all ethnic backgrounds, religious affiliations, and walks of life.  Services also include life skills training and provision of basic supplies for new parents.  This organization also implements educational programs within the local school boards.
  3. Barb Tremblay presented on behalf of Hope House, a poverty relief organization which provides compassionate assistance, with the emphasis on providing clients with “a hand-up, rather than a handout”.  This organization’s initiatives include backpack and hamper drives, art therapy programs and a free choice food market, as well as a community garden/horticulture therapy program  for those experiencing addiction, trauma or loss.

A wholehearted shout out to everyone who provided thoughtful and insightful questions after each presentation.  Your engagement with our presenters is essential to our mission!  Most important, our members continued generosity is key to 100WWCG’s success and the success of the charities we sponsor.

After these inspiring presentations, members voted, and the selected charity was Guelph Public Library.  When pledges come in from all members, our contributions will be directed towards expanding digital workshops for senior adults and providing additional literacy computers for the young.  We look forward to hearing about the impact of that donation at our next meeting, on April16, 2018.  You can read more about these exciting plans in Tannis’s press release online.

Ann Caine. President and Volunteer Fundraiser says, “Thank you!” on behalf of Sunrise Therapeutic Riding & Learning Centre.

 While we were waiting for the results of our voting, members had the pleasure of listening to an inspiring presentation by Ann Caine, nominator of Sunrise Therapeutic Riding & Learning Centre, who gave a very moving “Thank you!” to the group, for our October donation. She emphasized the significant impact our financial assistance will bring to the kids Sunrise serves, through the purchase of a new horse (which she assured us would be done as soon as one that is temperamentally suitable can be found).  The funds also sponsor horses and classes, providing subsidies which will make it possible for more children to enjoy the freedom, camaraderie and exhilaration of spending time in nature, engaging in physical activities and experiencing the joy of connection with the animals they love.

If you missed the meeting, you’ll find instructions about how to send in your cheque below.

Please arrange to make your donation as soon as possible.

Three-year pin recipients were happy to receive their pins and commemorate their accomplishment with a photograph. Sponsor Stephanie Birt of Blue Ocean Office Supplies and Solutions (far right) participated in the ceremony.

Finally, Sharon and Stephanie Birt of Blue Ocean Office Supplies & Solutions presented three year pins to all members who had fulfilled a commitment to donating to chosen charities for a full three years.

Stephanie Birt, owner of Blue Ocean Office Supplies & Solutions is the sponsor of our commemorative pin initiative.

Blue Ocean is 100WWCG’s newest sponsor, committed to supporting our commemorative pin program.  We are proud to engage in this exciting partnership because we believe that the mission alignment between both organizations will allow us to have a big positive impact now.  As the video on their website demonstrates, 100WWCG members who make purchases through Blue Ocean Office Supplies & Solutions, will see their chosen charities benefit as well!