October Meeting: 100WWCG’s First Meeting In Our Tenth year!

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We seek to recommit to our intention to support
Guelph charities.
Together we can turn dreams into achievements! 

On Wednesday, October 11th, 2023, 100 Women Who Care Guelph celebrated the beginning of its 10th year of providing support to Guelph charities.

Great news! Since our inaugural meeting in 2014, 100WWCG has donated $446,258 to achieve that goal and we currently have 173 donors (165 confirmed donations) who are excited to share our vision. We are starting Year 10 with a re-commitment to attending meetings, supporting local charities and honouring donation fulfillment.

The enthusiasm and dedication of our membership is what makes 100 Women Who Care Guelph successful.

Together, we can turn dreams into achievements.

Five women at a meeting of the National Association of Women Lawyers
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What happened at the meeting?

Sharon began with thanks to Sandra Lastovic (from SkiptheBank.ca) and the Delta Hotels Conference Centre.  Their continuing support has been essential to the success of 100WWCG!

She reminded members that this meeting is the first in our tenth year of supporting Guelph charities.

To date, our donation total adds up to $446,258 and our current membership stands at 173 members, which yield 165 committed donations. Sharon noted  that our current donation fulfillment rate is 85 percent and expressed the hope that over the next year,  we will commit to improving that rate to our pre-Covid numbers. 

Sharon encouraged members to support 100WWCG by volunteering some time to support our organization. Currently we are looking for:

  • An assistant to write quarterly press releases 
  • A social media co-ordinator
  • A cheque collector and tracker
  • A communications assistant to help with communication via email and the website

Members can contact 100WWCG at  [email protected] to volunteer a few hours of their time every quarter.

Sharon also asked members to respond to a request for suggestions which was distributed at the beginning of the meeting. 100WWCG is working hard to find new ways to increase the number of charities nominated on a quarterly basis. We would like to know what can be done to improve the nomination, selection and presentation process and our greatest strength is the candid input of our membership.

Great to know – this quarter, 18 members qualify for their 3-year membership pins, and 24 qualify for their 5-year pins. 

Following opening remarks, chosen charities were announced. Members listened to enthusiastic presentations from our nominators and followed up by voting for their choice to receive our October donation.

While ballots were counted, we listened to Kyle Hare, Development & Outreach Coordinator of Community of Hearts who thanked 100 Women Who Care Guelph for our June donation.

Our Chosen Charities were:

Canadian Mental Health Association Waterloo Wellington
(Nominated by Lisa Hood)

Lisa Hood presented on behalf of Canadian Mental Health Association Waterloo Wellington, advocating for the CMHA WW program known as Brief Service for Children, Youth, and their Families.

Brief Service supports children and youth with mental health difficulties. Those difficulties could be with emotions, socializing, behaviour, or self-regulation. Brief Service also supports parents/caregivers.

Lisa provided a wealth of information to support her request that members address the post-pandemic emotional needs of young people in the area. Funds donated would make it possible to support the work of one clinician who could provide service to between 12 and 14 children for 10 weeks.

Ignatius Jesuit Centre
(Nominated by Maya Wariyar) 

Maya Wariyar presented on behalf of Ignatius Jesuit Centre, to request support of St. Ignatius Farm.

In the last 20 years, Ignatius Farm has evolved to become a model for organic agriculture and a mentor to organic growers. The Farm invites the surrounding community to enjoy and participate in their agricultural initiative and emphasizes the value of sustainable farming through community shared agriculture, farm training and acreage rentals. Their aim is building connection, stress reduction and education, through the farming experience.

Funds from a 100WWCG donation would be directed towards assisting the farm to continue providing its free New Farmer Training program, in the face of rising costs and uncertain revenues from government grants.

Sunrise Therapeutic Riding and Learning Centre
(Nominated by Ann Caine)

Ann Caine, President of the Board, presented on behalf of  Sunrise Therapeutic Riding and Learning Centre.

As an accredited member of the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (CanTRA) and The Ontario Camps Association (OCA), Sunrise has a mission to develop the full potential of children and adults with special needs through therapy, education, horse riding, recreation, and life skills programs, farm-related and social activities.

Funds from a 100WWCG donation would subsidize Sunrise’s Hilary Hearts and Hooves therapeutic riding program. These resources could provide a supplement to assist children who have financial need but can’t qualify for the the program. The objective would be to make the program accessible to all…

Photo credit: Zack Xavier on Unsplash

Important Announcement!

Canadian Mental Health Association Waterloo Wellington
 (Nominated by Lisa Hood )

Is the Recipient of our October 2023 Donation!

For more information, follow this link to our most recent press release.

Our donation will be directed towards their 
Brief Service for Children, Youth, and their Families.

Brief Service supports children and youth with mental health difficulties, as well as parents and caregivers.

Tannis Sprott and Sharon Lewis present a 100WWCG cheque to Kyle Hare of Community of Hearts
Photo Credit: Crista Renner

Community of Hearts Expressed Gratitude for June’s Joint Donation from 100WWCG and 100+MWGAD Kyle Hare, Development & Outreach Coordinator for Community of Hearts thanked our membership for our June donation, in conjunction with 100+ Men Who Give a Damn Guelph.

Follow this link to read what the Community of Hearts team had to say.

What’s next?

Well, who would have thought we would be “The Little Engine that Could?”As we head into our tenth year, 100WWCG can look back on a great legacy. We have donated almost 1/2 million dollars to local charities by engaging 100+ women four times a year.

We are working hard to improve all of our processes and to encourage greater engagement from our members. 

It is great to see that there is no shortage of enthusiasm!

Moving forward into our 2023/2024 year, we have renewed excitement that can only mean positive outcomes for Guelph charities in need, as we turn our dreams into achievements…. 

Sharon, Tannis, Miriam, Lisa, Peggy and Dianne

The 100 Women Team