Our June Virtual Meeting

Three Members Want You to Know Why Their Chosen Charities Deserve Your Votes! 

If you missed the chance to see the nomination draw, you can follow this link.

Hats off to the three dedicated 100WWCG members who volunteered to describe the significant work their charity undertakes and how our donation would be deployed to improve the service they provide to our community!  

Our three chosen charities are:

 The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital
      (Nominated by Sharron Watson) 
Follow this link to read Sharron’s presentation.

Torchlight Services
      (Nominated by Diane Harvey)
Follow this link to read Diane’s presentation.

Guelph Youth Singers
     (Nominated by Heather Mair)
Follow this link to read Heather’s presentation.

Important Announcement!

Torchlight Services

(Nominated by Diane Harvey)

Is the Recipient of our June 2021 Donation!

Our donation will allow Torchlight Services to continue their mission to “advocate for, promote, and facilitate the full participation, inclusion and empowerment of people who have a disability within the community.”   

Torchlight has earmarked these funds to continue running virtual programs which help clients to socialize and engage in fun games and activities.  The expected outcome will be a reduction of boredom and loneliness and an increased feeling of emotional well-being for program participants.  

For more information, follow this link to our most recent press release.