Press Release June 2022 (Compass Community Services)

100 WWCG Supports Compass Community Services

Compass Community Services (formerly known as Family Counselling and Support Services) was chosen to receive the latest $10,000+ donation from 100 Women Who Care Guelph.

Working toward a vision of a resilient and supported community, Compass Community Services offers support to people in our community through four main pillars. Through their Therapy Services, Developmental Services, Workplace Wellness, and Telephone Support Services programs, they assist those dealing with physical, sexual, and emotional abuse; trauma; financial problems; and developmental challenges.

This generous donation from 100WWCG will go towards their four Telephone Support Lines, which are anonymous, confidential and free to all residents.

In January of 2020, support was offered to 200 individuals per month, utilizing 4 volunteers with limited hours. The program has expanded in 2 ½ years to supporting 3,000 individuals per month, 14 hours a day, seven days a week including holidays, utilizing over 125 trained volunteers.

Their Distress Line provides emotional support through active listening and empathy at times when people may feel stressed, overwhelmed, hopeless, or suicidal.

Their LGTBQ+ Support Line provides an inclusive space to LGTBQ+ youth or those who may be questioning their identity or sexuality.

Their TeleConnect Line sees community members receiving calls offering emotional support, casual conversation, or establishing medical reminders and prompts to support the needs of the individual.

Their Seniors Offering Support line is a telephone visiting services for isolated seniors, helping them combat their loneliness and isolation by sharing stories or reminiscences with other seniors.

Not only do these telephone services help people feel more connected and give them access to the mental health resources they need, but it can literally save lives.

100WWCG is proud to support this critical service for our community members.

To find more information on the fundraising efforts of 100 WWCG, or to become a member and join in contributing to local charities, visit their website at