Press Release October 2022 (G2G Rail Trail)

100 WWCG Supports Signage on the Goderich to Guelph Rail Trail

The Goderich to Guelph Rail Trail, a 132-kilometre abandoned railbed, has been refurbished to become a year-round, easily accessible recreation trail.

Exercise is well known to contribute to our physical health, and there are proven benefits from getting out and enjoying nature to mental health as well. The G2G trail has seen a marked increase in use since the beginning of of the pandemic.

This well graded and volunteer-maintained trail, with 25 access points along its route, is fully inclusive. Cyclists, hikers, and families with strollers can be seen sharing the trail through all seasons.

The trail ends at the north end of the city, where it detours around the active portion of the railway to connect to city trails and downtown Guelph.

The generous donation of $10,000+ from 100 Women Who Care Guelph will be used to improve safety and accessibility along this detour route. Providing a detailed route map, QR codes to locate positioning on Google Maps, and regular “You are Here” markers, the safety of the trail will be increased for all users and will be critical in the case of an emergency.

100WWCG is delighted to find ways to encourage all citizens of Guelph to connect with nature, while bringing awareness to rural agriculture, heritage, and the environment.

To find more information on the fundraising efforts of 100 WWCG, or to become a member and join in contributing to local charities, visit their website at

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