Victim Services Wellington’s Project Lifesaver is the Recipient of our Meeting 12 Donation!

Meeting Four of Year Three!

Three phenomenal presentations and one successful charity!   In case you missed the meeting, here’s a recap…
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Our twelfth meeting of 100 Women Who Care Guelph demonstrated once again, that our 146 members are steadfast in their support of local community charities! Thank you to everyone present for your thoughtful and attentive questions.  We appreciate your engagement with our presenters and as always, we would like to thank all of you for your continued generosity!

Last night we heard from three articulate and enthusiastic nominators:

  1.  Claire D’Arville presented on behalf oFocus on Nature, a local organization which brings trained volunteers and photographers into classrooms to engage students in creative workshops, hands-on nature and photography activities, plus photo editing and feedback sessions.  Their mission is to inspire young people to explore and connect with the natural world, using these outdoor experiences to enhance development of technical photographic skills.
  2. Robin Smart presented on behalf of Victim Services Wellington, in support of their Project Lifesaver  program, which provides wrist transmitters to families dealing with members suffering cognitive impairment due to a variety of conditions, including Alzheimer’s Disease, Autism, Down Syndrome and acquired brain injury.
  3. Suzanne Longpre presented on behalf of Better Beginnings, Better Futures, a community hub located in the Shelldale Centre.  Their multicultural approach strives to meet the needs of the Onward Willow community, offering programs and client support in more 29 languages.  Specifically, they offer residents of this underprivileged neighbourhood a variety of programs including preschool and early literacy programs, a breakfast club and a women’s circle.

Diane Nelson congratulates Robin Smart, nominator of Victim Services Wellington’s “Project Lifesaver” program.

After these engaging and informative presentations, members voted, and the selected charity was Victim Services Wellington, in support of their Project Lifesaver  program. When pledges come in from all members, our contributions will be used to purchase new transmitters, which would eliminate the need for a waiting list for clients who qualify for the program, as well as additional receivers for emergency services personnel. We look forward to hearing about the impact of that donation at our next meeting in October 2017. You can read more about the program in Tannis’s press release online.

Dawn Matheson, interdisciplinary artist and former board member of Ed Video, says a wholehearted “Thank you!” for our April donation, which purchased audio and video equipment to support upcoming local video projects.

While we were waiting for the results of our voting, members had the pleasure of listening to an inspiring presentation from  Dawn Matheson, an artist and past board member of Ed Video. Dawn delivered a wholehearted “Thank you!” to the group for the donation made by 100WWCG in April.  Funds were used  to purchase video, audio and lighting equipment and to enhance computer storage capacity, in support of current and upcoming video projects within our community.

Many of those in attendance joined us for our after-meeting networking event sponsored by Irene Szabo of Sotheby’s Realty and Sandra Lastovic of The Mortgage Centre, valued members of 100WWCG.