Press Release October 2015 (Dunara Homes for Recovery)

Dunara Homes for Recovery got a major boost to aid in their mission to assist those among us living with mental illness last night in the form of a $12,400 donation from 100 Women Who Care Guelph. The road to recovery is a fragile one, full of speed bumps and detour signs, where even the simplest things like buying a bus pass, doing your own laundry, or learning social skills that many of us completely take for granted can be enough to stall that journey. Dunara Homes offers an essential service to those coming from institutional care as they learn to reengage with the community and live fulfilling, healthy and independent lives. They have been quietly doing this valuable work in our community since its formation in 1981 by the original members of the Schizophrenia Society of Guelph. The description of that work obviously resonated with the members of 100 WWCG, who were delighted to offer their assistance. There is so much stigma surrounding mental illness on the negative side of the balance sheet, 100 WWCG made the decision to contribute to the positive side instead. Not equal yet, but a step toward balance.