Sunrise Therapeutic Riding & Learning Centre says, “Thank you!”

Ann Caine. President and Volunteer Fundraiser says, “Thank you!” on behalf of Sunrise Therapeutic Riding & Learning Centre.

It is my pleasure to bring you a report  on the impact of your financial support for Sunrise, in the form of a power point presentation, (which is presented below).
As most of you know, our program focuses on the empowerment experienced through human animal bonding and a farm activity program.
With your support we are fulfilling our mission.
“My grandson is isolated in his day to day life.  At Sunrise he experiences total acceptance from each horse he works with and rides, which is empowering.Also he has made friends in our supportive community of young people “
I would like to introduce Dallas, the therapy horse you are sponsoring this year.  We are still actively seeking new horses, and when we find one to buy with your funding, we will forward a photo.
Special Education classes come to Sunrise on a rotating basis, throughout the Fall and Spring.
You have enabled 4 classes to participate, through the scholarship fund.  Teachers and students are active in sending thank yous!
Throughout the year hundreds  will find friendship in our stable! Not only riders but a huge team of volunteers — and the many visitors who see the stall appreciation plaques.
To quote a long time rider “ Sunrise is not just my source of therapeutic activity, it’s my stepping stone into the world “
Thank you again for partnering with Sunrise to empower those with special needs in our community .
Ann Caine.
Sunrise Board President
Volunteer Fundraiser