Press Release January 2018 (Guelph Public Library)

Guelph Public Library Receives Funding from Women’s Group

 The Guelph Public Library is the latest charity chosen by 100 Women Who Care Guelph to receive their $10,000+ donation. Our library, the oldest public library in Ontario, has been serving Guelph for 133 years. It has also held the record for highest per capita use in Ontario for the last seven years. As such, it reaches deeply into our community, bringing together a huge cross-section of Guelphites.

In all that time, the ways in which they serve the citizens of Guelph has changed dramatically, expanding well beyond the loaning of books. The public library has turned into a key resource for access to today’s digital technology. That access is becoming increasingly important in our society, and if you don’t have a computer at home, or are ill at ease with their use, then the library is there for you. 

This is where 100 WWCG can help. Thanks to their generous donation, the library will use a portion of the funding to work with seniors who may feel uncomfortable using modern technology. They will provide tech and digital workshops offering a number of services; teaching a grandmother how to connect with her grandchildren on facetime; introducing you to borrowing ebooks as they continue to grow in popularity; if you need a little help at their Tech Bar using a 3D printer, they can help you with that process too.

 As they say, this is not your grandmother’s library.

 The remainder of the donation will be used to fund more early literacy stations for very young children. There are already 25,000 hours of learning per year, reaching out to moms and toddlers and delivered at all the branches in Guelph. Now they can expand those critical programs.

 The Guelph Public Library is there for everyone, at any stage, connecting us as a community and helping us grow. Learning is a lifelong pursuit, and 100 WWCG is delighted to help with that process.

 To find out more about 100WWCG, see their impact on our community, or to become a member, visit their website at