Hospice Wellington is the recipient of our fourth donation of Year Five!

Our Fourth Meeting of Year Five
Three Enthusiastic Presentations – One Successful Charity!

Here’s your recap for last night’s meeting.
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In spite of Wednesday’s oppressive heat and the siren call of vacation time up at the lake, many members took the opportunity to attend our twentieth meeting and listen to new ways to support valuable community organizations.  With 153 committed donations, we knew that we had a chance to make a huge difference to a local not for profit.  We kicked off the evening with our networking session, including an option to have a glass of wine, sponsored by our valued 100WWCG member, Sandra Lastovic of  The Mortgage Centre.
Sharon began the meeting with some brief remarks.   She expressed the group’s sincere gratitude for Sandra Lastovic and her organization’s generosity and encouraged members to check them out skipthebank.ca or on Instagram and Facebook.   She also encouraged people who have missed donations, to catch up with our Canada Helps option for payment, by using the Donate Now button on our website – 100womenwhocareguelph.com

Members of the organizing team were thanked for their efforts to keep the group running smoothly and once again, Sharon sent out a request for a member who would act as our meeting photographer.  If anyone is willing to help us out, please contact Sharon Lewis (519) 780-0468 or Tannis Sprott (519) 763-1172 as soon as possible.

Sharon made a major announcement about next year’s meeting details…

First up, we will once again be holding our meetings at the Delta Hotel (corner of Stone Road and Gordon Street). The Delta has graciously agreed to reduce its rates to accommodate our group and  Sandra Lastovic and  skipthebank.ca will generously be sponsoring the setup costs for our meetings.

Our meeting dates for 2019/2020 are:

Thursday, October 17

Thursday, January 9 

Tuesday, April 7 and

Monday, July 13

Mark your calendars!

Please note that  that this is the last meeting of Year Five and that our first Five Year pins will be handed out at our next meeting, in October!

Tannis Sprott  and Margaret Middleton pose with a “big cheque” for Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

How inspiring it was to learn that currently, 100WWCG has raised more than $237,000 for local
charities!  After Sharon’s presentation, Margaret Middleton,  president of Society of St.Vincent
de Paul – St. Joseph’s Conference, Guelph, drew the names of this quarter’s nominees from a
hat and our charity presentations began in earnest.
  1. Rosemary Fernandes-Walker presented on behalf of Guelph YMCA/YWCA This organization provides values-based programs and services that teach the importance of caring, honesty, respect, responsibility and inclusiveness. Money requested would be dedicated towards two specific programs for pre-teens.  Safe Sisters  provides girls aged 10 to 14, with a safe place to share, with an emphasis on concerns for safety within the community.  The Two Rivers Club provides activities and programming for kids aged 5 to 12 years in challenged neighbourhoods.
  2. Sonia Jacyk-Bukata presented on behalf of  the St. Ignatius Jesuit Centre.  This organization’s program  objectives are designed to foster an ecological way of life, for the healing of the world, nurture a deeper spirituality in people, leading to inner freedom, promote the production of local sustainable food, and provide a welcoming space for individual and communal discernment, and education.  Monies donated would be used to hire an orchardist and equipment to support the Neighbourhood Farm Project.
  3. Peggy Brightwell presented on behalf of Hospice WellingtonThis organization provides a variety of services to support those individuals of Wellington County living with a life-limiting illness, as well as to their families and caregivers.  Hospice Wellington offers group support programming, art therapy, one-to-one volunteer visiting, hospice palliative care in a 10-bed residence and Day Away respite for caregivers.  Money requested would be dedicated towards refurbishing the residence’s sunroom, a comforting space where patients share memories, reflect and make final plans.After each presentation, members had the opportunity to ask a few questions with the aim of digging deeper into any issues which had not been discussed.  Members asked for more information about the programs supported by our targeted donations, as well as the funding models of each organization. Following the presentations and the follow-up questions, members voted for this quarter’s successful charity.Margaret Middleton, President of Society of St.Vincent de Paul – St. Joseph’s Conference, Guelph says, “Thank you.”
As members’ votes were being counted, Margaret Middleton, the president of last quarter’s
successful charity, took the opportunity to  express her sincere thanks to members.  To read
the full transcript of her comments, follow this link.

Drum roll please…

The fourth chosen charity of Year Five is  Hospice Wellington.  Our donation is slated to be

If you missed the meeting, you’ll find instructions about how to send in your cheque below.

Please arrange to make your donation as soon as possible.

Congratulations to our newest 3 Year Pin recipients!