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Our Shared COVID Experience: 100WWCG Recipients

For every gift given, there is someone on the receiving end. We are all in this together, helping each other as best we can.

Some of our members have been the recipient of  the thoughtfulness and generosity of others. Here’s a shout out to them!

Carol Dilworth – “100 Women Who Care Guelph member Wendy Fletcher bought my groceries until I got onto the Zehrs drive through system. Steven Faehrmann, my cruise consultant, treated me to two dinners, delivered to the house. And yesterday there was a beautiful bouquet at my front door, anonymous.”

Our Shared COVID Experience: 100WWCG Helping Angels

There are so many different and wonderful ways to reach out and help. See what some of our members have been doing.

Lisa Hood got her whole family involved in the effort by:

  • checking into neighbours who live alone
  • buying groceries for families in isolation
  • dropping off food for friends who had a new baby two weeks ago
  • raising money to keep the student food bank open
  • donating blood (along with fellow member Tannis Sprott)

Our Shared COVID Experience: 100WWCG Giving Angels

Some of our members were able to continue with their contributions in spite of our cancelled meeting, picking their own favourite charities to receive their donation.

Eleanor Langdon gave to the Guelph Food Bank. (Thanks Eleanor, I’m sure it was much needed and gratefully received.)

Heather Coles – “I donated $200 to Food Banks Canada, which my generous employer is matching, resulting in a $400 donation!” (Now there’s a great idea, getting your employer involved, well done Heather.)

Carol Dilworth – “I gave to the hospital.” (Wonderfully done Carol, I’m sure it was greatly appreciated.)

Our Shared COVID Experience: 100WWCG Sewing Angels

Michelle Lowther has made a significant contribution through the use of her sewing machine.  “In my spare time I’ve made 10 gowns for the Elliott Centre, caps for MSW workers in Cambridge, 60 masks for vet hospital and making batches of masks for Guelph General Hospital.  At times when you feel helpless it’s good to pitch in and support those on the front line anyway you can.”

Tannis Sprott – “While our 100 Women meeting may have been cancelled for this quarter, I know many of us are finding other ways to give. My contribution this week (drum roll please) – 12 home made fabric masks for Guelph Hospital, helping meet their goal of providing every discharged patient with two masks. Hey, even I can sew a rectangle, although the pleats caused a little consternation!”