Press Release January 2015 (Michael House)

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It’s the pregnant and parenting young women staying at Michael House who will benefit from the latest 100 Women Who Care meeting.

On Jan. 12 the fundraising group voted to donate $11,900 to Michael House, which provides shelter and emotional, physical and spiritual support for mothers who need assistance, said a news release.

The January meeting was the 100 Women Who Care’s second meeting, and 119 women attended. All members nominate a charity of their choice, and three are chosen from a hat. Then everyone votes for one of the three charities, and the one with the most votes receives the donation.

Four meetings are held a year, and at each one members make $100 donations, says 100 Women Who Care on their website. That means more than $40,000 will be distributed to four different local charities between October 2014 (when the first meeting was held) and October 2015.

The next meeting will be held 7 p.m. April 13 at the Delta hotel. For more information visit,