Guelph Y Camp says “Thank You!” For Our October 2021 Donation

Tannis Sprott delivers our October donation to YMCA of Three Rivers.

Here for Good, Because of You

Thank you for your generous donation to our March Break Camps. The YMCA is Canada’s largest camp provider, and locally, the YMCA of Three Rivers is well-known for providing safe and inclusive camp experiences for all children ages 4 -12 years. Through camp, children are provided a chance to learn, grow, and explore in a place where they feel they truly belong. Together, children from across our community come together to try new activities and build lasting friendships. 

While COVID-19 disrupted what camp has looked like for us, we’re looking forward to welcoming more children back to our Guelph Y Day Camps in 2022. And, your support of nearly $12,000 couldn’t have come at a better time. 

For many families, March Break Camp is necessary child care to allow them to continue work. At the Y, we’re committed to providing equitable access to all. In 2019, of our 118 Guelph March Break Campers, 47% were subsidized. That’s 56 individual children who might not otherwise have had the chance to experience Y camps. 

Families in our community continue to struggle with the realities of the pandemic. From school shutdowns to remote learning, balancing working from home and caring for your family to layoffs and job uncertainty, our families need access to subsidized March Break programming now more than ever. And, thanks to your generous gift, we can meet this need. 

Through your support, you’re providing children the opportunity to get outside, have new experiences, and connect with friends – all of which contribute to their improved health and well-being. On behalf of all our campers – thank you. 


The YMCA of Three Rivers Philanthropy Team: Chantelle, Patricia and Victoria