Press Release January 2022 (Guelph Community Health Van)

100 WWCG Supports the Marginalized Through the Guelph Community Health Van

The marginalized in our society are among the most at risk of contracting and experiencing serious effects from COVID-19. Whether the marginalization stems from homelessness, mental health, substance use or chronic poverty, access to critical services for this group has been severely impacted by the pandemic. 

Sanguen Community Health, based in Waterloo, has provided support to those in need in Guelph through the Guelph Community Health Van since October 2016. 

The marginalized often feel invisible or unwanted. When so many doors have been closed throughout the pandemic, the Van staff have been there to serve the most vulnerable and isolated members of our community by meeting them where they are.

The Van is staffed by an interdisciplinary and multi-agency team made up of a Harm Reduction Coordinator, Peer Support Worker, Public Health Nurse, and a Social Support Coordinator.

On top of offering harm reduction supplies, food and basic hygiene items, the Van provides nursing supports such as wound care, vaccines, STI testing, and peer and social supports to this vulnerable group.

As the pandemic stretches on through another cold winter, no one should be left behind. 100 Women Who Care Guelph, dedicated to supporting local charities, has chosen the Guelph Community Health Van to be the recipient of their $10,000+ donation this quarter in support of our community’s most at risk members. 

The 100 WWCG donation will go towards purchasing some of the most urgently needed winter items, including sleeping bags, warm clothing, tarps, blankets, and hygiene supplies.

To find more information on the fundraising efforts of 100 WWCG, or to become a member and join in contributing to local charities, visit their website at