June 2024 – Special Press Release to Mark Reaching $500,000 in Donations

100 Women Who Care Guelph Exceeds $500,000 in Donations

As 100 Women Who Care Guelph completes their 10th year of giving with their most recent donation to Hope House Guelph, they have crossed the  $500,000 mark in donations for local charities. That’s half a million dollars put to work in support of fellow community members, friends, and families.

The 100 Women concept has proven to be a powerful grassroots funding strategy that has spread around the globe. The Guelph chapter formed in October of 2014, arising from a conversation among friends who recognized the great need that exists in the community, matched with a great desire for people to contribute locally.

“The simplicity of the idea appealed to us,” says Sharon Lewis, one of the co-founders of the group. “We never really set a goal for the amount raised, but we knew the direction felt right.”

“When we began this endeavour, we had no idea how long it would last, or what kind of impact it would have, but we knew the potential was great. What we did have a healthy dose of optimism, some great energy, and lots of ideas to bounce around the room,” says Tannis Sprott, another co-founder.

That spirit has taken the group far. The inaugural meeting saw 98 members sign up. That number has grown over the decade to 175 members currently. Their unflagging commitment and generosity have meant so much to local charities, allowing them to dream a little bigger, and to reach even more people in need.

The group’s funds have supported 35 different charities, encompassing many of the issues facing our community from hospice care, food insecurity and mental health, to the library, gardening, and even the purchase of a horse for Sunrise Therapeutic Riding and Learning Centre!

The donation thermometer on the 100WWCG website was gleefully raised to $1,000,000 this week as the group launches into its second decade. New members are always welcome.

To learn more about this group of women who care deeply about our community and are passionate about contributing to its health and vitality, and the charities they have supported, visit their website at www.100womenwhocareguelph.com.