Press Release April 2022 (The Nightingale Centre)

100 WWCG Supports The Nightingale Centre

The Nightingale Centre for Grieving Children, Youth and Families is the most recent recipient of the $10,000+ donation from 100 Women Who Care Guelph.

The Nightingale Centre provides grief and bereavement support through programs tailored to the differing needs of children, youth, and families who are experiencing the death of a parent or sibling through illness or suicide.

Death, especially when it comes unexpectedly, is one of the most psychologically devastating events a child will experience, leaving them in a vulnerable state. The Nightingale Centre was created to help prevent traumatic consequences for the bereaved by providing well-informed support on their grief journey.

Counsellors trained in grief and bereavement work with parents to support them in their own grief, but also to guide them in how to help their children grieve.

The counsellors work with the children, taking them through activities designed to help them identify their feelings of grief, learn coping strategies, and build resilience.

The Nightingale Centre was created to ensure that no child will have to make that grief journey alone. Unfortunately, demand for their services has increased due to heightened social isolation experienced during COVID-19.

The nightingale, one of the few birds known to sing at night, is symbolic of the work The Nightingale Centre does. In their own words, “If darkness is symbolic of grief, and singing is symbolic of hope – it is our goal to support our grieving children and young people as they learn to sing in the dark.”

100 WWCG offers their latest donation in support of grieving hearts.

To find more information on the fundraising efforts of 100 WWCG, or to become a member and join in contributing to local charities, visit their website at