Family & Children’s Services of Guelph and Wellington County (The Children First Fund) is the recipient of our Meeting 21 donation!

Our First Meeting of Year Six
Congratulations to Our Successful Charity! 

Here’s your recap from the meeting of Thursday, October 17th
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100 Women Who Care Guelph began its sixth year with a return to the Delta Hotel, sponsored by our valued 100WWCG member, Sandra Lastovic of  Skip the Bank.

Sharon opened the meeting with thanks to our sponsors, acknowledged Sandra and her organization’s generosity and encouraged members to check them out at or on Instagram and Facebook.

Our recent move back to the Delta means that the sponsorship dollars formerly allocated to refreshments at the meetings have had to be re-allocated to room setup fees.  We need your help!

We are beyond grateful that Sandra Lastovic of Skip the Bank has continued her generous support for those room charges at The Delta Hotel for this year. But if we still want refreshments for these meetings we’ve got to find another sponsor.  If you or someone you know might be willing to take this on, please call us for details as soon as possible. Our next meeting is coming up fast on January 9th 2020 and we really need your help!

Contact Sharon (519-820-6822, [email protected] ) or Tannis ( 519-763-1172, [email protected]) for the specifics.

Members were excited to learn that 100 Women Who Care Guelph has reached a remarkable milestone.

In the past five years, we have raised more than a quarter of a million dollars in support of local charities!

Sharon Lewis talks about our quarter million dollar milestone and the importance of sponsorship.

Following Sharon’s presentation, John Gilbert, the Events Co-ordinator of Hospice Wellington,
drew the names of this quarter’s nominees from a hat and our charity presentations began in
  1. Jennifer Harrison presented on behalf of Community of Hearts.  This not-for-profit supports adults with developmental exceptionalities, to achieve success in curriculum-based quality programming, build self confidence and become more engaged in our community as they grow and learn. Program content teaches the three pillars of Self-Awareness, Self-Management & Self-Advocacy/Expression to ensure participants achieve the level of independence they desire.
  2. Laurie Graham presented on behalf of  the  Canadian Improv Games.  This organization is dedicated to enriching the lives of youth with improvisational theatre programs that promote invaluable skills including positivity, communication, leadership, commitment and teamwork. This goal is achieved through a variety of annually programmed workshops, training sessions and performance opportunities.
  3. Trish Schreiber presented on behalf of Family and Children’s Services of Guelph and Wellington’s Children First FundThis organization provides support to 16 to 18 year olds who are no longer eligible for foster care, and thus struggling to make it on their own. Children in that situation have no parental or family support, and find themselves adrift, living on their own with extremely limited financial resources.   .Members took the opportunity after each presentation to “drill down” into the details with each presenter.  Members asked for more information about the programs supported and the funding models of each organization. With presentations complete and questions answered, members took a moment to make a decision and cast a vote.

    John Gilbert, Events Co-ordinator of Hospice Wellington, says, “Thank you.”

    John Gilbert, Events Co-ordinator of Hospice Wellington took the opportunity to thank members for our Meeting Twenty donation.  To read the full transcript of his comments, follow this link.

    100 Women Who Care Guelph has chosen

    Family & Children’s Services
    of Guelph and Wellington County
    (The Children First Fund)
    as the recipient of our Meeting 21 donation!

    Our donation will be used to support kids in two different streams. If the child is going on to college or university, they will be provided with a $400 set-up kit consisting of a backpack and other necessary supplies. In the second stream, where kids have found work, $1000 worth of kitchen supplies, bedding, towels, and furniture will help them transition to living on their own.
    If you missed the meeting,  you can make your payment online by following this link! Please arrange to make your donation as soon as possible.


    Congratulations to our new Three and Five Year Pin Recipients!

    Congratulations to our newest 3 Year Pin recipients!Congratulations to our newest 5 Year Pin recipients!