Meeting 6 of 100 Women who Care Guelph Raised $13,800 for Family and Children’s Services

Our 6th meeting of 100 Women Who Care Guelph was another incredible success!

Thank you to all of the women who joined us last evening to hear from the Dunara Homes for Recovery. Yvonne Bowes from Dunara let us know about the impact of our donation in a funny, and engaging talk. You can find a transcript of Yvonne’s talk on our website here!

Laura Greenway-Balnar was the member who nominated and presented for Family and Children’s Services

Following the presentation from Dunara, we again selected three of the nominated charities at random (Family & Children’s Services, Special Olympics Ontario and Community of Hearts) and heard from our three nominating members as to what our support for that charity could contribute to the community. All three charity presentations were well thought out and wonderfully presented. A hard choice it was, but a hard choice we made!

With much enthusiasm we tallied the votes and selected this month’s recipient! We have selected Family and Children’s Services to receive this meeting’s quarterly donation! Specifically a pilot fund to assist young adults make the transition from supported living in foster care or other teen programs to independent living. Here’s a photo of your combined donation and our nominating member Laura Greenway-Balnar.

Some additional great news from the January 11th meeting; We had a number of new signups after some wonderful press from the Mercury on January 3rd. So this month’s donation reflects our Voting Membership count which now stands at 138 women who care, meaning when all the pledges come in, our donation will total $ 13,800.00! Well Done Ladies! (as you can see, we didn’t even have a perfectly accurate count on new members when we filled out the big cheque!)

Congratulations to Family and Children’s Services!

And thank you again to all the women who participated.

Photo of members who all live in the Village on the Green

The Village on the Green Contingent. Melodie, Willemina and Sharon

Following Meeting 6 we enjoyed a fun Social & Networking hour sponsored by members Sandra Lastovic and Irene Szabo (see our sponsor’s page for more details.)

Great women getting to know each other!

Great women getting to know each other! Terrie and Sandra are flanked by new members Wendy and Brenda! Welcome Ladies.

As if these meetings could possibly get any more fun. Well, apparently they did. Here are some of the goings-on. We hope you can stay after the next meeting so you can be showcased having a great time making a difference.


Wait? Who's Harvey and did he leave a cheque?

Wait? Who’s Harvey and did he leave a cheque?

Obviously, a good time was had by all!  What would it take to have fundraising be this easy every month? We have cracked the code.

Come on in and enjoy yourselves!

Rosemary, ???, Nancy. Look at those Happy Shiny Faces. We made a difference tonight

Rosemary, Robin & Nancy. Look at those happy, shiny faces. We made a difference tonight





Tell your friends. 100WWCG has it going ON! There was lots of action at our new “Materials Table” as well. At the next meeting, if you’ve got some information about a fun or important local charity or business event we now have a place for you to share that information. See? Someone just discovered a cool event!

Where to find out about local charity initiatives.

Where to find out about local charity initiatives.