Press Release January 2016 (Family & Children’s Services)

100 WWCG Press Release – Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2016

Family & Children’s Services gets seed money for new program from 100 WWCG

Children are among the most vulnerable in our society, a fact Family & Children’s Services here in Guelph knows all too well. A youth who has been in their care who reaches the age of 18, and does not choose to continue their education, can suddenly find themselves bereft of all forms of support, both emotional and financial, and very much alone in the world.

The transition from youth to adult is tricky for everyone, but without “the bank of mom and dad”, even the smallest of setbacks can make that process a much more difficult one. Two very poignant stories led to 100 Women Who Care Guelph awarding $13,800 to Family & Children’s Services.

In one case, a young man had procured employment, but needed $300 for car repairs in order to get to work. No car – no job, as simple as that.

In another, a 21 year old woman diagnosed with breast cancer was in desperate need of funds to purchase medication and a prosthesis, along with covering travel expenses to and from life saving medical appointments.

In response to these needs, and many others like it, Family & Children’s Services is seeking to start a fund called the Transitioning Youth Program, which can be accessed at need to help these young men and women and ensure a successful transition into adulthood. Supporting those most in need is the reason 100 WWCG come together every three months, and they are proud to be a sponsor of that fund.