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Our June 2022 Meeting

At 100WWCG’s First In Person/Virtual Hybrid Meeting, We Reconnected and Reaffirmed Our Commitment to Local Charities!

Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

We’ve worn masks, been vaccinated, worked from home and attended virtual 100WWCG meetings for more than 2 years, but now we’re back!  

June has marked the first in person/virtual hybrid meeting that our chapter has ever held and we’ve experienced an excellent outcome.  

Members who wanted to connect face-to-face had the opportunity to attend our in person meeting at the Delta Hotels Conference Centre, and those who were more comfortable attending virtually used our Zoom meeting option. 

Most important, our new format has made it possible for members to stay energized and connected to our mission to give generously to local charities!

Photo by Matt Walsh on Unsplash

So what happened at the meeting?

 Sharon opened the meeting with thanks to our incredibly generous corporate sponsors, Sandra Lastovic and the Delta Hotels Conference Centre. Their support made it possible for our group to meet in person again.

She followed up with an expression of profound gratitude to Audrey Lounder, our “Zoom Angel.”  Audrey is a good friend to founding member Tannis Sprott, who recognized that we have needed help in our quest to hold a hybrid meeting.  Her patience and good humour have helped us to move forward through a steep learning process.

There was also a shout out to our special guest, Suzanne Denomme and her colleagues who are starting a chapter of 100 Realtors Who Care in Waterloo Region.

Sharon reviewed changes which have been made to our charity selection and presentation process and stressed that these changes have been adopted to encourage members to present their heartfelt stories to support the charities they nominate.

That said, any charity nominator who attends on Zoom, is really anxious about public presentations, or who comes down ill at the last minute, can specify another member as a second or (as an absolute last resort) a committee member to present on their behalf. In the event that a nominating member will not be present, that member can invite a charity representative to attend the meeting IN PERSON, to answer questions. (This representative will not be able to make the entire presentation.) This is an effort to level the playing field for small vs. large charities.  

It was noted that there are 66 members who currently qualify for, but have not been able to receive, 3 year and 5 year membership pins. Those members were asked to rise and be acknowledged for their service. A group photo was taken after the meeting. 

Sharon wrapped up her comments by announcing that our next meeting, which will also be in hybrid format, will take place on Wednesday, October 12th, 2022, at the Delta Hotels Conference Centre.  She was proud to note that this October will begin our chapter’s 9th year and that we have raised $374,879.00 since October 2014!  

Following the opening comments, our chosen charities were announced and nominators had the opportunity to tell members why they were so passionate to support them.

Our Chosen Charities Are…

On June 13th, Tannis and Sharon selected the names of three charities which had been included in our nomination draw. This allowed our nominators an opportunity to prepare presentations in advance of our in person meeting.
 Our three chosen charities were:

Kiwanis Music Festival of Guelph 
(Nominated by Barb McKay)  

Barb McKay presented on behalf of the Kiwanis Music Festival of Guelph. She emphasized the importance of music to emotional well-being and the need to mentor enthusiastic young talent and stressed that this organization provides thousands of young, aspiring musicians with annual performance opportunities second to none.

The Kiwanis Music Festival of Guelph is one of the largest youth services programs in the arts in our community. 

Funds from a 100WWCG donation would be directed to the scholarship and bursary program, augmentation of school programs and improvements to the festival’s website. 

Compass Community Services | Affordable Support Services to the Local  Community

Compass Community Services
(Nominated by Karyn Kirkwood)

Karyn Kirkwood made a presentation with support from Colten Ura, Manager of Telephone Support, Compass Community Services.

Compass Community Services (formerly known as Family Counselling and Support Services for Guelph-Wellington),  is an integral part of the community, providing mental health and social services to individuals, families, and children. These services guide people through life’s challenges, whether they are emotional, developmental, or professional. Included in these programs are counselling and therapy services, developmental services, workplace wellness and telephone support services. 

Funds from a 100WWCG donation would be directed to their telephone support lines which provide four dedicated services – providing emotional support, a dedicated LGBTQ+ support line, their community check-in service and their  telephone visiting service for isolated seniors.   

Alzheimer Society Waterloo Wellington | Charity Profile | Donate Online |  Canadahelps

Alzheimer Society Waterloo Wellington
(Nominated by Robin Smart)

Tannis Sprott presented on behalf of Robin Smart, with assistance from Lorri Watamaniuk, Director of Fund Development, Alzheimer Society Waterloo Wellington.The Alzheimer Society is here so that no one has to face Alzheimer’s disease or any other type of dementia alone. It provides support for ANY type of dementia and is the only organization in the  community dedicated to helping people and their families live well with a dementia diagnosis. The society offers dementia-friendly social, recreation, education, counseling, and care partner support groups, all free of charge.

Funds from a 100WWCG donation would be dedicated toward much-needed therapeutic recreation programs which provide both stimulation to the person living with dementia and respite to the care partner.

Pricilla Gyamfi on  Unsplash

Great News!

Compass Community Services 
(Nominated by Karyn Kirkwood)
Is the Recipient of our June 2022 Donation!

For more information, follow this link  to our most recent press release.
Funds from a 100WWCG donation will be directed towards sustaining their telephone support lines which comprise four dedicated services – providing emotional support, a dedicated LGBTQ+ support line, their community check-in service and their  telephone visiting service for isolated seniors!

Let’s celebrate our latest 5 year and 3 year pin recipients!

Our most recent group of 3 and 5 year pin recipients pose for a group picture.

Thank you so much for supporting the efforts of 100 Women Who Care Guelph
We are REALLY making a difference within our community…
We are proud to announce that as of our June 2022 meeting, we have 23 members who qualify to receive their 3 year membership pins and 43 members who qualify to receive their 5 year pins.  

The Nightingale Centre Poses with a “Big Cheque”. From 100WWCG

Tannis Sprott presents a 100WWCG big cheque  to Dr. Laura Brown, Executive Director of the Nightingale Centre

If you want to read the Nightingale Centre’s “Thank you!” to 100WWCG, follow this link!

Where do we go from here?

We are  so excited to complete this quarter’s meeting and voting process!  We have proven that through hard work, generosity and innovation, we can achieve incredible success.  

It was wonderful to see our friends again – in person or by Zoom, and to share our commitment to staying engaged with our community and local charities. We would like to thank our members for their persistence and loyalty through the challenges of the past couple of years. Thanks so much for your support!

Nightingale Centre Says “Thank You!” for Our April 2022 Donation

You’ve helped us provide some light in the darkness for grieving families….

Dr. Laura Brown from the Nightingale Centre, accepts 100WWCG’s “Big Cheque” for our April Donation.

The Nightingale Centre for Grieving Children, Youth, and Families is so grateful for the donation from 100 Women Who Care.  The Nightingale Centre is a young organization; we only came into existence in 2019, one year before the pandemic. It was founded because a few individuals who work in mental health services with grieving families, and a few individuals who had experienced significant deaths in their family, recognized the need for a dedicated centre to support the unique needs of grieving children and families.  Research has shown us that children grieve differently from adults and these differences are crucial in understanding how to support children through the anticipation, immediate aftermath, and long-term management of a significant death in their lives.  Parents and caregivers, who are typically grieving themselves, need guidance in how to support their children through these periods while also supporting themselves through their own grief. 

This is where the Nightingale Centre comes in for families of Guelph and Wellington County, and where your donation dollars have made a significant impact for these families.  

To begin, your dollars helped fund the spring 2022 programs for the Family Bereavement Program and the Youth Bereavement Program. These programs bring grieving children and adolescents together with trained facilitators and volunteers, over several weeks, to help them identify their feelings related to their grief, give words to their feelings and experiences, and coping methods to manage them, and help them feel less alone and like they are part of a community of others sharing this significant experience.  In addition, the parents receive support and guidance in what to expect from their grieving children and youth and how to support them during their own grief journey.  Your dollars helped us pay for our facilitators for these groups, amazing women who are incredibly dedicated to the work that Nightingale does and its mission to help these vulnerable families.

Secondly, your donation dollars helped fund the purchase of the therapeutic materials we used with the different groups in the Family Bereavement and Youth Bereavement Programs.  While the groups have been online, packages of materials have been put together by the facilitators and distributed to the families prior to the sessions so that they are accessible to the children and adolescents during each session.  These materials include art supplies, related readings, and building materials – all with the mind to facilitate activities to help them through their grief journey. In addition, the parents receive information packages about how to continue to support their grieving children.  We know that this is a long journey and it’s important that these parents have material to which to refer in the coming months and years following the end of the programs.

We have also used your donation dollars to expand our library of children’s books and other resources that are helpful in opening the discussion of dying, death, and grief with children, and providing parents, caregivers, community support people, and educators, with the words and tools necessary to support these children outside of Nightingale. This furthers our goal of helping our community become more grief literate for our children, so they are supported well beyond specific mental health services, and no longer left out of conversations and experiences that have such a huge impact on their lives.

Our families tell us constantly how grateful they are that we are in place for them.  They feel supported with their unique needs and that the programs are a safe place for them to express themselves to compassionate, like-minded individuals. The children find words to explain how they’re feeling to parents, caregivers, friends, and teachers so that they can get their needs met more readily.

The pandemic has been devastating for organizations, especially young charitable ones like the Nightingale Centre. But your donation dollars are helping us to continue our support of these families during dark times in their lives and helps us to help them find some light.

Thank you so much.

The Nightingale Centre for Grieving Children, Youth, and Families

Our April 2022 Virtual Meeting

At 100 Women Who Care Guelph’s Eighth Virtual Meeting, Local Charities Take Centre Stage

Photo by Nikki Zalewski on Adobe Stock 

So its been a crazy couple of years…

We’ve worn masks, been vaccinated, worked from home, had Zoom meetings (and funerals, and weddings). We keep trying to find balance and a “new normal” but we aren’t quite there yet. 

There may still be some challenges in the future, but 100 Women Who Care Guelph has proven it can rise to any challenge.

Great news!  In spite of Covid-19, we have continued to make a huge financial contribution to local charities. We’re proud to report that over the past (almost) eight years, we have raised close to $362,000.  

And here we are, delivering the results of our eighth virtual meeting. That says something about our members’ level of commitment to giving back to our community. It also says a great deal about what we can achieve, moving forward.

Your kindness is making a difference.

Last week, members representing three charities selected in our nomination draw, provided written presentations which were reviewed and voted on by our group.
 Our three chosen charities were:

The Nightingale Centre
(Nominated by Donna Core) 

Alzheimer Society Waterloo Wellington
(Nominated by Robin Smart)

Art Not Shame 
(Nominated by Rachel Collins )

Photo by Pricilla Gyamfi on  Unsplash

Important Announcement!

The Nightingale Centre
(Nominated by  Donna Core)

Is the Recipient of our April 2022 Donation!
 The donation from 100 Women Who Care will be used to:
– fund and train facilitators
– purchase therapeutic supplies for memory-making activities
– purchase books that can be read to children to encourage conversation
– provide information packages for parents
– offer educational workshops for the community

For more information, follow this link to our most recent press release.

Tannis Sprott presents a cheque to members of the Guelph Community Health Van Team 

Guelph/Wellington Community Health Van Team Says  “Thank You!”  For Our January Donation

The Guelph/Wellington Community Health Van Team recently expressed its thanks for our January donation!  
 Follow this link to read what the team had to say.

What’s Next?

As we wrap up this nomination and voting cycle, 100 Women Who Care Guelph is looking towards the future. 

We have had some questions from members regarding how and when 100WWCG can return to ‘in person’ meetings. That said, we’d like to transition from virtual to in person meetings in a way that honours all our member’s needs. We recently conducted a brief survey of the membership to try to gauge everyone’s comfort level.

The past two years have taught us that our group is strong, innovative and flexible and will rise to the challenge of finding the best and safest way for our members to “connect” as we move forward. By the end of April, you will be receiving an email which details exciting changes to our meeting format. Stay tuned for more information…

Sharon, Tannis, Miriam, Lisa, Peggy and Dianne. The 100 Women Team

Guelph Community Health Van Team Says “Thank You” For Our January 2022 Donation

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Tannis Sprott presents a cheque to members of the Guelph Community Health Van Team

April 8, 2022

Thank you to ‘100 Women Who Care Guelph’!

The Guelph/Wellington Van Team would like to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to 100 Women Who Care Guelph for their generous donation to our Mobile Community Health Van Program. The Van program provides accessible harm reduction support and supplies, social support, and nursing care to individuals in Guelph and Wellington County. Our outreach team includes a registered nurse, peer support worker, and social support worker all of whom work to build relationships with those who visit the van, as well as build connections to other community and health services.  We also collaborate with other local services and agencies such as Legal Aid to bring information and referrals to folks who can’t easily access mainstream support.  

Sanguen believes in providing barrier-free health care and support using an interdisciplinary approach.  We provide Hepatitis C testing, information and treatment, wound care for abscesses and blisters, vein care, rapid testing for HIV and Hep C, testing for sexually transmitted infections, and counselling on safer sex and birth control. We also provide COVID-19 testing and vaccination, overdose prevention support and naloxone, and collection of used injection equipment. The Community Health Van also distributes food, hygiene items and clothing on our regular stops across Guelph and Wellington County.  With generous support from organizations such as 100 Women Who Care Guelph we are able to purchase essential items for the van such as socks, hats, mitts, snacks, hygiene products (sunscreen, soap, shampoo, and sanitizer), blankets, clothing, and phones.    

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the way individuals who face barriers to care have been able to access support in the community.  Over the past two years the Community Health Van has been heavily focused on providing as many items as possible to help alleviate the lack of access to resources, service, and basic necessities due to the pandemic. Some of these items include diapers, footwear, meal replacements, pet food, and camping supplies. With new stops added to Wellington County (Harriston, Palmerston, Arthur, Rockwood, Mount Forest, Erin, Fergus), we are working to better support harm reduction, overdose prevention and social support for those facing barriers in rural areas.

Thank you to 100 Women Who Care Guelph for choosing us as the recipients!  With your support we can continue our work to bring health care and support directly to those who need it in Guelph and Wellington County!

With many thanks,

The Guelph/Wellington Van Outreach Team

100WWCG’s Seventh Virtual Meeting Reinforces our Dedication to the Guelph Charity Community…

Photo courtesy Unsplash 

Wow!  Over the past year, what we definitely have learned is the power of our members’ determination and commitment. In response to punishing Covid-19 challenges, we have used virtual meetings to continue our important work for Guelph charities – and we have succeeded!
 100WWCG has been determined to prevail, against all odds. We have worked hard, been innovative, and stayed connected to our membership.  Our over-riding desire has been to give back to the Guelph community. 

We are proud to say that we haven’t given up on local charitable organizations.   They are not alone in their struggle to survive and their continued success matters to our membership.

Our commitment to Guelph charities is firm.  We want to support them, no matter how challenging the current situation may be.  100 Women Who Care Guelph is proud to move forward, and wholeheartedly dedicate its efforts to our community.

Members, representing three charities selected in our nomination draw, provided written presentations which were reviewed and voted upon by members.

 Our three chosen charities were:

1.   The Nightingale Centre
      (Nominated by Donna Core) 

2.  The Guelph Community Health Van
      (Nominated by Ruth McMath )

3.  Waterloo Wellington Down Syndrome Society
     (Nominated by Mary Casagrande)

Photo courtesy Unsplash

Important Announcement!

The Guelph Community Health Van
(Nominated by Ruth McMath )

Is the Recipient of our January 2022 Donation!

 Over the past two years, there has been a huge increase in demand for services and supplies offered by the Van, especially as the pandemic has reduced access to health facilities and resources.

Our 100 Women Who Care Guelph donation will be used to fund the purchase of the most urgently needed winter items including sleeping bags, warm clothing, tarps, blankets and hygiene supplies.

Where do we go from here?

The past two years have felt like a gut punch.

Nobody believed that in 2022, we would find ourselves here, but this is our reality and we persist. There have been positive outcomes.

We have learned that we are strong and innovative.  
100WWCG continues to make a huge contribution to the Guelph community, in spite of Covid-19.

Connection used to be easier.  That said, we know that we need to stay engaged, now more than ever.  Whatever the challenge we may have faced, the 100WWCG membership has always been up to the task!  

100WWCG has committed to giving back to the Guelph community over the past 7 years. This commitment has made it possible for 100WWCG to donate more than $10,000 per quarter to eligible local charities. Congratulations to our membership for achieving this incredible success.

Most of us recognize that our path forward isn’t clear yet, but the steering committee is constantly working towards the day when we can have real handshakes and hugs in large venues, without hand sanitizer and masks, and make our decisions without relying on network technology.  We will notify everyone by email and post information on the Upcoming Meetings page on our website, as soon as this is possible.

Meanwhile, we are confident that you will continue to be the engaged membership that we celebrate, as we move forward to achieve incredible successes within the Guelph charity community.

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”

Mohammed Ali

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

President Barack Obama

Thanks for your huge contribution to our success!  Together, we really domake a difference.

Sharon, Tannis, Miriam, Lisa, Carol, Peggy and Dianne

The 100 Women Team

Guelph Y Camp says “Thank You!” For Our October 2021 Donation

Tannis Sprott delivers our October donation to YMCA of Three Rivers.

Here for Good, Because of You

Thank you for your generous donation to our March Break Camps. The YMCA is Canada’s largest camp provider, and locally, the YMCA of Three Rivers is well-known for providing safe and inclusive camp experiences for all children ages 4 -12 years. Through camp, children are provided a chance to learn, grow, and explore in a place where they feel they truly belong. Together, children from across our community come together to try new activities and build lasting friendships. 

While COVID-19 disrupted what camp has looked like for us, we’re looking forward to welcoming more children back to our Guelph Y Day Camps in 2022. And, your support of nearly $12,000 couldn’t have come at a better time. 

For many families, March Break Camp is necessary child care to allow them to continue work. At the Y, we’re committed to providing equitable access to all. In 2019, of our 118 Guelph March Break Campers, 47% were subsidized. That’s 56 individual children who might not otherwise have had the chance to experience Y camps. 

Families in our community continue to struggle with the realities of the pandemic. From school shutdowns to remote learning, balancing working from home and caring for your family to layoffs and job uncertainty, our families need access to subsidized March Break programming now more than ever. And, thanks to your generous gift, we can meet this need. 

Through your support, you’re providing children the opportunity to get outside, have new experiences, and connect with friends – all of which contribute to their improved health and well-being. On behalf of all our campers – thank you. 


The YMCA of Three Rivers Philanthropy Team: Chantelle, Patricia and Victoria

Press Release January 2022 (Guelph Community Health Van)

100 WWCG Supports the Marginalized Through the Guelph Community Health Van

The marginalized in our society are among the most at risk of contracting and experiencing serious effects from COVID-19. Whether the marginalization stems from homelessness, mental health, substance use or chronic poverty, access to critical services for this group has been severely impacted by the pandemic. 

Sanguen Community Health, based in Waterloo, has provided support to those in need in Guelph through the Guelph Community Health Van since October 2016. 

The marginalized often feel invisible or unwanted. When so many doors have been closed throughout the pandemic, the Van staff have been there to serve the most vulnerable and isolated members of our community by meeting them where they are.

The Van is staffed by an interdisciplinary and multi-agency team made up of a Harm Reduction Coordinator, Peer Support Worker, Public Health Nurse, and a Social Support Coordinator.

On top of offering harm reduction supplies, food and basic hygiene items, the Van provides nursing supports such as wound care, vaccines, STI testing, and peer and social supports to this vulnerable group.

As the pandemic stretches on through another cold winter, no one should be left behind. 100 Women Who Care Guelph, dedicated to supporting local charities, has chosen the Guelph Community Health Van to be the recipient of their $10,000+ donation this quarter in support of our community’s most at risk members. 

The 100 WWCG donation will go towards purchasing some of the most urgently needed winter items, including sleeping bags, warm clothing, tarps, blankets, and hygiene supplies.

To find more information on the fundraising efforts of 100 WWCG, or to become a member and join in contributing to local charities, visit their website at

Virtual Meeting Number Six  Reinforces Our Commitment to Serving the Guelph Community…

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash 

We’ve discovered a great deal over the past year, but the one thing we have definitely learned is the power of determination and commitment.  100 Women Who Care Guelph has used virtual meetings to continue our important work for Guelph charities in response to ongoing Covid-19 concerns.
 For those in need of support, the sentiment above says it all. Our determination to prevail during this challenging time has required 100WWCG to be innovative in our efforts to give back to our Guelph community. 
We are proud to say that we haven’t given up on local charities.  They are not alone in their struggle to survive and their continued success matters to our membership.  The power of generosity is a mighty one.

Members, representing three charities selected in our nomination draw, provided written presentations which were reviewed and voted upon by members.
 Our three chosen charities were:

1.  YMCA of Three Rivers
      (Nominated by Rosemary Fernandes-Walker) 

2.  Guelph Wish Fund for Children
      (Nominated by Karyn Kirkwood)

3.  Foundation of Guelph General Hospital
     (Nominated by Lisa Hood)

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Important Announcement!

YMCA of Three Rivers
(Nominated by Rosemary Fernandes- Walker)

Is the Recipient of our October 2021 Donation!

 YMCA of Three Rivers will use our donation to support its Day Camp initiatives.  These valuable  programs  benefit parents by alleviating the stress of finding care for their children while they need to work – specifically for PD days and March Break.  They also provide a safe and inclusive camp experience for all children ages 4-12 years. 

For more information, follow this link to our most recent press release.

Torchlight Services Says “Thank You!” For Our June Donation

Kim Court, the  Program Co-ordinator of Torchlight Services, has prepared a special “Thank You!” for all members of 100 Women Who Care Guelph. 
Follow this link to their expression of thanks on our website.

What are Our Next Steps?

We’re starting to see changes, slowly but surely, to the way that we are able to do things.  

Sixteen months ago, our world changed.  Handshakes and hugs were replaced by hand sanitizer and masks. Connection used to be easy, but we have learned that we can still stay connected by being flexible during challenging times. 

The steering committee is SO proud of our membership. Whatever the challenge we may have faced, you have been up to the task!  Your commitment to giving back to the Guelph community has made it possible for us to donate more than $10,000 per quarter to eligible local charities. Congratulations to our membership for achieving this incredible success.

Currently, the situation is fluid. As soon as it is possible to host safe “in person” meetings, approved by local and provincial authorities, we will notify everyone by email and post information on the Upcoming Meetings page on our website.  

Meanwhile, here is some food for thought from others whose lives have impacted many:

“No one has ever become poor by giving”

Anne Frank

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”  

Napoleon Hill

Thanks for your huge contribution to our success!  Together, we really do make a difference…

Sharon, Tannis, Miriam, Lisa, Carol, Peggy and Dianne
The 100 Women Team

Torchlight Services Expresses Thanks for our June Donation

Torchlight Services Receives the Donation Cheques From 100WWCG 

September 23, 2021

Dear 100 Women Who Care,

It has been 3 months since Torchlight received the great news that our organization was the successful charity.   Your generous donation enabled us to continue to engage with our participants in a meaningful way through the Connect Virtual Program.

The Connect program offers virtual programming to underserved (due to pandemic restrictions) and isolated participants with disabilities.

Your donation amounted to just under $10,000.  This allowed us the opportunity to continue to connect our participants with their community through the purchase of outside instructors.  We were also able to re-hire our student program facilitators.

Your donation not only helped Torchlight Services and our participants, but it also supported small local businesses and students who have been struggling locating employment during this pandemic.

I know that there are many worthy charities that need support, especially during this time; and Torchlight is grateful for your generosity. 

Thank you for the work you do in our community. 


Kim Court,

Program Co-ordinator, Torchlight Services [email protected]

Our June Virtual Meeting

Three Members Want You to Know Why Their Chosen Charities Deserve Your Votes! 

If you missed the chance to see the nomination draw, you can follow this link.

Hats off to the three dedicated 100WWCG members who volunteered to describe the significant work their charity undertakes and how our donation would be deployed to improve the service they provide to our community!  

Our three chosen charities are:

 The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital
      (Nominated by Sharron Watson) 
Follow this link to read Sharron’s presentation.

Torchlight Services
      (Nominated by Diane Harvey)
Follow this link to read Diane’s presentation.

Guelph Youth Singers
     (Nominated by Heather Mair)
Follow this link to read Heather’s presentation.

Important Announcement!

Torchlight Services

(Nominated by Diane Harvey)

Is the Recipient of our June 2021 Donation!

Our donation will allow Torchlight Services to continue their mission to “advocate for, promote, and facilitate the full participation, inclusion and empowerment of people who have a disability within the community.”   

Torchlight has earmarked these funds to continue running virtual programs which help clients to socialize and engage in fun games and activities.  The expected outcome will be a reduction of boredom and loneliness and an increased feeling of emotional well-being for program participants.  

For more information, follow this link to our most recent press release.